Sunday, 10 July 2011

Update on Week 5 of 4HB (Slow Carb Diet)

Picture from Anizyn's Blog

Things have slowed down somewhat on the weight loss front. I lost about another kilogram, making total weight loss 4kg. My target is to lose 5kgs, to reach 55kg. So close, yet so far...

But on the other had I am quite pleased with my current weight, which puts my BMI to at about 23.4. If my weight loss stalls, I am happy to stay at 56kg. According to the reading I've done, at one point your body will have reached its ideal weight, and further weight loss will be difficult, and potentially unhealthy. At this point, it would be all right to add back small amounts of carbs during the week. I am going to give it another week before I start adding back carbs. I have lost several inches that I am happy about. I have also started some kettlebell exercises, using a 10kg kettlebell.

I did a lot of fasting last week, replacing the Ramadan days I missed last year, so definitely the fasts helped with the weight loss. Only thing is that I got dehydrated. I have always been bad about drinking water, and hopefully will be able to rectify that. I am making it a rule for me to drink a cup of water each time I set foot in the kitchen. I haven't kept track of how many cups I drink per day, but my chapped lips are definitely thanking me for it. I have also started taking B complex and mineral supplements as well.

My hubby, we have discovered, might be sensitive to arachidonic acid, which is found in eggs and meat. He has some joint pains, which he used to have before, but more frequently lately. So we are cutting down on both eggs and red meat, and he has stopped taking beef bone broth. I am preparing a new batch of chicken bone broth as we speak, using the recipe from Dr. Eades' blog here as a base. I have modified it to include some ginger and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to draw out the nutrients from the bone. Another suspect might be the fact that we switched over to conventional eggs instead of the organic eggs we usually have. It could be either the: increase in egg consumption; or the chemical-laden eggs that is causing the problem. Next week I am switching back to organic eggs and see how it goes.

On the other hand his blood sugar levels have continued to improve, with his random blood sugar now showing him to be pre-diabetic instead of diabetic. He has also started taking aged garlic tablets and green tea flavanol tablets. I tried taking these with ALA, but they proved to be too much for me. I became lightheaded and actually felt the energy being burned really rapidly. So no supplements for me, except for the usual vitamins and minerals.

Ah, yes, the bloodwork results! My hubby's is as usual, not that great, except his blood sugar has improved somewhat. his uric acid is also not too high. Mine is good, just that LDL is a smidgen high. Trigs are low, HDL is high, blood sugar normal, all other parameters normal. Bear in mind this test was taken 1 week into the diet, so I guess not much change can be expected yet. Also the day before we gave blood was Binge Day, LOL. I foresee in the future we might give up Binge Day altogether. Even last week on Binge Day we mostly stayed within the allowed foods, except for 2 small shot glass-sized custard desserts shared between us. We are, insha Allah, going to have another round of tests done 6 months from now.

Today is Binge Day, alhamdulillah, the one day in the week when we are allowed to eat whatever we want. So since we have chicken broth, I am making Mama Pongkey's Chicken Rice. The chicken is browning nicely in the oven, and the rice is simmering in my little claypot on the stove. I also bought 3 small mangosteens to have as dessert. Breakfast today was quite simple, organic hot chocolate with cream and cinnamon. What, no sugar? I guess I am used to it by now. Plus I don't want to spoil the drink with sugar because I'd crave it when I have the same choc drink without sugar during the rest of the week.

Okay my rice is almost done, and after a nice shot of grapefruit juice (ugh! too sour for me!) I am ready to begin my Binge Day proper. :-)