Monday, 28 May 2012

Reading List

Little 40-day banana plant. Looks a bit better after I fed it some composted goat manure.

Companion Planting:
Cute lil graphic on companion plants and how they are beneficial.
A more extensive list, arranged in alphabetical order.
A convenient table showing garden plants' best buddies and mortal enemies.

Prewashing Fabrics before Sewing:
I have had cotton items that I sent to be sewn, and they shrunk after I've worn them once. What a sad waste of fabric. A previous tailor would actually prewash the fabric for you if it needs it. I think I'd rather do it myself now.

Eating & Wellness:
I've always wondered what the big deal is about chia seeds. I am still undecided on whether to give them a try, but this is good info nonetheless. Perhaps as a thickener?
I've read how modern agricultural practices deplete nutrients and minerals in our body, so I was curious to know if other modern practices do the same. This list is indeed extensive: excess sugar, coffee, vegetarian/vegan diet, various medications, birth control, etc.
I haven't finished reading this whole article, but it certainly looks promising. Dr. Stephanie Cave is a doctor focused on medicine-nutritional therapy and in this article discusses sources of toxicity.

Kitchen Tips & Tricks

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