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Chunkey Lafungga as a kitten.
Thank you for dropping by, and taking the time to get to know me. I hope your visit is a lovely one. :-)

I am a normal human being living near the equator, not far from the sea. The weather is mostly sunny with torrential rains interspersed throughout the year, culminating in a monsoon season between November to March.

I have one husband and 11 (+2) cats. The 11 cats live in a cat enclosure built in 2011, approximately 50 feet by 12 feet. The other 2 cats hang around for the free food. You can read about my cats here.

I want to live as lightly as I can, recycling, repurposing and being thrifty whenever doable. Doable, not possible, because I have many shortcomings, and sometimes I forget to look before I leap. LOL.
We began our healthy living journey a few years ago. The road has taken many twists and turns, and at this moment in time we adhere to a Halal, Low-ish carb Primal diet. I also take a lot of inspiration from the Weston A Price Foundation.

After a lot of reading + my own experiences, I believe that:
  • You need to eat less when what you eat is ethically sourced, local and homecooked
  • Many of us are suffering from toxin overload, resulting in metal illness
  • Saturated fat is good for you: virgin coconut oil, butter, ghee, eggs, fat on a steak, I eat all of these with relish, yum yum yum
  • A mainly plant-based diet needs to be supplemented with a sufficient amount of animal protein
  • Regular consumption of probiotic-rich (fermented) food is important for gut health
  • As a society we overconsume biologically inappropriate carbohydrates through processed foods
  • Supplementation with artificial nutrients (read: tablet forms of vitamins and minerals) can help address many dietary deficits, but it is best to take a break from them at suitable intervals. 
  • The Sunnah way of eating has many overlaps with traditional wisdom, validated by scientific discovery
My first carrot. They've grown somewhat since.
 As part and parcel of eating clean, I have started growing our own food since 2011.  Part of this exploration is documented in this blog. In reality, I have started growing plants since 2007, with more failures than successes. I am actually quite good at killing plants. But I have been blessed to benefit from the experience of many other passionate gardeners, whose blogs are on the right hand side. My mother also inspired me with her crop of pak choy, kailan, thorny spinach and kangkong.

You can contact me by emailing homelychaos[at]gmail[dot]com or messaging me through this blog's Facebook page.

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