Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sunshine and Rain but No Rainbows. Oh well. It was a Great Day Nonetheless.

My French beans seem to be sprouting! I sowed them on Wednesday.

These French bean shoots are a gorgeous aubergine colour. I wonder if the plant will retain this colouring?

Cucumber plants from seeds bought at my local supermarket. I filled an old container with cheap soil from a nursery mixed with potted soil with copra. Previous attempts at sowing cucumber seeds resulted in complete failure (well, I just tossed the seeds and sort of watered them, not very regularly, so no wonder then!) -so I wasn't very hopeful this would work out. I did stick them in vertically rather than just dumping them on the soil. Alhamdulillah many of them grew. Now I think they look a bit elongated from being in the shade too much. I might move it to a sunnier spot out of the rain, because this box has no holes. I can't bear to ruin a box by making holes in them.

Must... find.. more.. light....

These tomato plants in the adjacent box are from when we made tomato sauce to go with our meatzza. I let the seeds dry out/ferment in the kitchen for a week before tossing them in this box. I ought to plant them out soon before they become too entangled.

Me thinks it's getting a bit too crowded in here..

Some hopefuls:
  • bell pepper (saved in the kitchen), 
  • Genovese basil (supermarket seed), 
  • Hawaiian salad (supermarket seed),
  • okra (wet market)
  • Chinese cabbage (
  • coriander (
  • white radish (
  • loofah plant (
They are under a roof, but do get some sunlight.

And what I learnt: do not re-pot plants in the morning, else your plants might wilt a bit.

In other news, my spring onions seem to be doing well. :-)


TukangKebun said...

Lovely french bean seedlings!

Mama Pongkey said...

Unfortunately they all died. :-( Because silly me went and overfertilised them before leaving on an outstation trip for a few days. I always thought that putting organic fertiliser in great quantities is ok, but apparently the coffee-smelling fertiliser is not organic, because a LOT of my plants wilted afterwards. Oh well, good thing I still have the seeds.