Friday, 1 June 2012

Glory in the Gutter...

In a previous post I showed the beginnings of my Glorious Gutter Garden(C).

I sowed some seeds on the 28th of May and 30st of May, as laid out in the diagrams below:

Rain gutter, divided into 2 parts. The bitter gourd in bold purple text was sowed 2 days later, when I learned from Tukang Kebun about suitable companions for carrots.

Some pots I rescued from inside my cat enclosure, and turned into sowing beds. There is still a pot without any seeds in it because I can't decide what to sow. It is a wide and shallow pot. Maybe more cabbages and spring onions? The square shapes denote either polybags or square plastic pots. Again, bold purple text denotes seeds sown on 30 May.
UPDATE: the empty pot has been sown with mixed colour sunflower seeds on 2nd June. :-)
Lets see what has happened since then:

I think these are baby daikon radishes. Woo hoo!

And these, might be the purple cabbage or purple kohlrabi, not sure which.

C'mon tell me this looks like pot marigold? Yes? That looks like the seed, right?

I honestly am not sure what these are. These are sprouting in other spots too along the rain gutter.
Sorry for the poor quality pic. From the prickly shape of the seeds, I believe these are rainbow chards. They have been washed further right down the gutter by the heavy rains which hit my area almost every night lately.

Yellow pear cherry tomato seedlings, they are tiny, can you spot them? The bigger plant on top is a holy basil I placed there in the pot as a ready companion for the tomato plants.
Sweet red cherry tomatoes, insha Allah. :-)

I am quite excited by these seedlings. Thank you to TukangKebun at Kebun Bahagia Bersama from whom I obtained most of the seeds, and En Iskandar at for the chrysanthemum, forget-me-not, mixed colour sunflower, bitter gourd and Siamese hot chilli seeds. :-)


mat jon said...

wah kohlrabi and rainbow chard pun ada, bestnyeee..

Mama Pongkey said...

Dah lama teringin, bila nampak je benih tu, terus sambarrrrr.. :-) Harapnya menjadilah kesemuanya.. amiin..

TukangKebun said...

Nampak macam rainbow chard seed coat, did you tabur or tanam dalam tanah? Sebab saya tak pernah pula nampak rainbow chard and beetroot seed coat lagi. Rainbow chard and beetroot seed actually are not one seeds but gabungan beberapa seeds. So you actually get several plants from one seed sometime. Wah banyaknya anak-anak nak kena bela ni.

Mama Pongkey said...

TukangKebun, saya tabur je masa tu sebab dah nak Maghrib, nak cepat. Lepas tu hujan lebat hampir setiap malam so ada yang washed further down the gutter. So some seedlings may sprout at other places along the gutter. 7 carrot seedlings have shown up as well since this post, so I'm well excited! Beetroot seeds sound lovely to.. Would love to grow them. I am quite good at killing plants actually, so I guess I need all the advantages I can get. :-)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Anak kucing dekat atas header nama apa? Saya dulu ada sama rupanya nama si Silau (male) bila besar macam lion.

Lagi 3 bulan nanti nampak penuhlah gutter you dengan sayur-sayuran.

Mama Pongkey said...

MKG, nama dia John Virginia Poogey. Sebab masa tu keluar movie John Carter. Poogey sebab mak dia nama Miss Poogey. Dalam gambar di atas, Saya bentang kain tu nak ukur, lepas tu dia duduk pose comel macam tu. terus tak jadi menjahit. Hahaha.

Insha Allah harapnya penuhlah dengan veggies. Boleh makan puas puas dan beri pada jiran dan sedara mara. Di samping kepuasan sendiri juga :-)