Thursday, 14 April 2011

Crisis Cleaning!!!

I hate housework. I can imagine a million things I'd rather be doing. Hubby says it's okay to get some people to help clean the house, but I don't really want to. Unless I really have to. Which I do now.

I have a guest this weekend.



Whew. That felt really good. Actually having guests is okay, but having a born-organised guest who also loves to clean calls for extra special measures.

At the moment, I am decluttering the kitchen. I would love to say it feels good, but it doesn't. I am hating every minute of it. For every little chore that I do, I see a thousand more that needs doing.

My consolation is that Chunky and Googy are behaving right now, cuddled up fast asleep and not making any extra messes.

I still have no clue which room will my guest be staying in.
Computer room? Nah - we like to hang out here too much. Plus it has direct access (windows) to my cats in their enclosure.
Sewing room - hmm might have dropped needles, sewing machine, serging machine, fabric, not suitable for Guest Toddler. Plus air-cond is Out-To. (See Gaki no Tsukai - no laughing allowed! - best bit is at 07:00 onwards - on Youtube to understand this one)
My bedroom - hmm messy, needs some cleaning but otherwise a-okay. But Papa Pongkey Will Not Be Pleased.
Living room - hehehehehehe. Would do this but guest is a girl.

I will survive this weekend. I have to.

Update: By the way, due to unforseen circumstances, guest has postponed her visit to June. WalhamduliLlahi Rabb il alamiin.... now the decluttering and reorganising can go on at a much less frantic pace :-)

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