Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekend Going-Ons

What I have been reading over the weekend:

This Garden is Illegal: Neem for Garden Pests
~ time to get rid of the malathion

Gardening by the Moon
~whoever knew planting by the lunar calendar would be effective?

Ten Steps to an Organic No-Dig Permaculture Garden

Cheeseslave: Fermented Salsa Recipe

Food Renegade: What is Real Food and How to Tell

Food Renegade: How to Cure Tooth Decay
"If you want the healthiest teeth possible, eat:
  • whole foods freshly prepared,
  • yellow butter,
  • organs and glands like bone marrow and liver,
  • mineral rich bone broths,
  • raw dairy, and
  • a variety of sea foods."
GNOWFGLINS eCourse: How to Cook Real Food (how to prepare foods to optimise their nutrients and yet are tasty too!)

Eat Fat to Lose Fat: the Lowdown on Fats that are good for you (that includes coconut oil, y'all!)

What I have been doing over the weekend so far:
  • sent hubby to his all-day strategic planning thingy (yes!!! how dare they do this on weekends!)
  • popped by the organic shop to purchase some veggies
  • stopped by parents' for lunch with sisters
  • went out to get birthday cake
  • picked hubby up
  • went to birthday dinner for the twins (my nephews)
  • went to weekend 'farmers market'. Got these plants: camellia, breadflower, lime & kaffir lime. Planted the flowers in the cat enclosure by the back fence, have yet to decide where to place the limes.
  • had lunch.. it was beef bone broth. Yummy.
  • made onion & celery fritters.
  • messing around on this blog!

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