Monday, 28 November 2011

Dreams of Self-Subsistency

I have a dream. (One of many!)

To be able to grow my own veggies.

And the following is my attempt at what will hopefully be a functioning, producing kitchen garden. I'll be honest here, I had help making the beds. The first plants (14 young eggplants) are donated. I have sown some seeds according to this plan:

What I have sown so far. Some shoots are already visible!

The plot so far..

No carrot shoots are visible yet. But so far there are already a few kangkongs, tomatoes, possible some lettuce and LOADS of kailan.

Tomato shoots! Wahoooey!

The person who donated these plants also gave me some of his freshly plucked eggplants. Yum.

Little kailan shoots. Even more showed up this morning :-)

Curry leaves plants, also kindly donated. :-)

There are other plants nearer to my kitchen, I'll snap some pics and continue in another post. Insha Allah.

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