Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Reading List

Crazy stuff I really want to read and remember and keep organised. Links are just lumped together in no particular order. A lot of it is posted by the knowledgeable folks from Highbrow Paleo.

Possible causes of Anemia

Tea Tree Oil Toxicity (a reminder to myself while doing OCM and treating my cats' superficial wounds at home)

Treating Sinusitis: Quick Fixes & Long-Term Solutions (why oh why do I still get this??)

Problems with Overprescribing Antibiotics
(another excellent article from Mark's Daily Apple)

When Biology Refuses to Listen to Logic (sometimes what seems obvious may not be real)

Why Young Children Protest Bedtime (aka an evolutionary argument for attachment parenting?)

NaNoWriMo: Pep Talk by Brandon Sanderson
(do the Nike)

Swapping POVs
(a guide)

Orthodontic Problems caused by a Too-Soft Diet? (gnaw gnaw gnaw on your bones?)

Growing Seedlings in Eggshells (this is so simple and yet so awesome! solves my labeling problems too! :-))

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