Monday, 17 September 2012

Blooming Bounties

Giant Russian Sunflower. Not as big as they should be, maybe due to lack of sunshine while growing and not enough fertiliser (lazy gardener!)
Sawi Menang flowering. I read in EjaMaria's blog that she has new seedlings from a sawi plant she let go to seed. So yeay for that.

Turkish Leopard Melon. Now it looks a bit yellowish, I fear it might be a bit sick. I have fertilised it and sprayed some organic pesticide on it. Hoping for the best.

Peria katak flowering and in need of more support! Though some of the newer tendrils have learnt to climb the wooden post by themselves...

Purple bunga telang. I was pretty sure they were single-petaled before.. now they seem double-petaled. On the left behind the grills is Miss Pongkey :-)

Snake/long bean, bush-type. Profusely flowering after addition of blended ikan patin guts as fertiliser. :-)

Sweetcorn Kelvedon Glory F1. These are barely up to my knee and already flowering? Oh nooo. I wonder what to do with them now, shall I leave them be? Or lob the flowering bit off? I was away for several days and did not ask the neighbours to water my plants, thinking that it rains almost everyday. Well, apparently not.


ummuaidan said...

wah..nice sunflowers.. preserving seeds from sawi will take like more than a month bf its have patient, dear fren..snake bean taste like normal long bean or?

btw - nice to see the figure of our dearest ponkey....heheh

Mama Pongkey said...

Pongkey malu malu kucing. Hahaha.

I hope the sunflower seeds turn out good. Thanks for the tip about sawi seeds, I wonder, do I have to wait until the whole plant dries up before I can eat the sawi?

Snake bean is our normal kacang panjang. These ones are smaller, and a bit thinner, but also sweeter. Maybe its the freshness that makes it sweet?

TukangKebun said...

Melon tu dah mula berbuah ya...praying that you will have many delicious fruits from them.
Pernah terjadi banyak kali the male and female jagung organ was on the same spots that I have some kernals growing on the male flowers. The kernals was sweet. It was the same size as yours now whenever that happened.

Mama Pongkey said...

Tak tahu lah Tukang Kebun... melon tu nampak kekuningan lagi sejak saya balik dari KL ni. This trip was extra long: 6 days!!! Uwaaaaaaaa 6 days away from my cats and plants! Good thing I managed to see my parents during that time.

Ah, so the female and male flowers are together, like a hermaphrodite? Hehe. One of the corn is now showing a female flower, so I am very excited.

suka suka said...

Happykan? Wp tinggal beberapa hari 'anak-anak' survive and still continue breathing..happy gardening & good luck on the harvest..

Mama Pongkey said...

:-) Thanks singgah ke sini Kak Mar. Happy, syukur. Ada bantuan siraman dari jiran dan anak saudara. Sekranag berdebar melihatkan jagungdah mula berputik. Harapnya didebungakan dan menjadilah buah jagung.

Pakupayung said...


Cantik pokok-pokoknya..saya baru nak mula belajar berkebun..seronok tgk orang lain nya pokok menjadi :D

Mama Pongkey said...

Thanks Pakupayung, welcome to my humble blog :-) Sebenarnya saya pun dalam setahun baru menanam secara ala ala serious ni. Saya banyak main belasah aje, ikut rezeki, ada yang menjadi, ada yang tak. Alhamdulillah syukur nikmat.

lynnhelite said...

bean tu sihat sgt..lynn punya makin kuning dan kurus jer..tunggu masa nak kena cabut ler tuh