Friday, 5 October 2012

Tremulously Tuberous: Carrots, Radish, Turnip?

Travelling and life got in the way of gardening pursuits. Also I was distracted when Miss Poogey, a cat who hangs around for the free food, brought her kittens to live with us. Yes. There are signs of my pots and styrofoam boxes being dug up by these curious kitties. Unfortunately I don't have a good picture of them because they are extremely unfriendly. One of them bit me when I took hold of her/him/it, and all I see of them are their little tails as they scurry away to hide from scary ole me. 

Yesterday I finally sowed another batch of carrots:
  • Topweight
  • Mixed Heritage
  • Dragon
  • Early Scarlett Horn
So today I thought I'd update on the other carrots here in my humble garden.

My BBS009 F1 hybrid carrots from Serbajadi have flowered, and gone to seed. There are about 4 blooms from this single flowering carrot.

Topweight carrots under the shade of a Rangoon creeper. I really think they need the sunshine. 

A potato that started sprouting on my kitchen counter continued its existence sharing a spot with a tomato plant. I did not plan this companion planting buddy but their roots were so closely intwined in their previous pot, that I just moved both of them without disturbing the roots too much.

Sweet potato, of the purple variety, I think. Aunty Kan gave me the cuttings, I stuck them in this styrofoam container, and now they are spilling outwards. Also bloomed a few times, a light purple flower similar to morning glories.

I think these are Paris Market carrots and parsnips.

Purple Dragon carrots in their purplish-coloured pot. I am not sure why this one has its leaves spread out.

To be honest I've forgotten what these are: Snowball Turnips or Watermelon radish? Help! Next to it is a tiny heirloom beetroot.

Heritage mixed carrots in a pot that si perhaps too small. Poor things.

Topweight carrots again, in a pot. Huge pot. The tiny Sergeant from Ali Baba Bujang Lapuk can easily fit in.


TukangKebun said...

Snowball turnip maybe?
It is interesting to note that your sweet potato purple foliage is different from any sweet potatoes that I have grown here. Menarik sweet potato punya daun ada pelbagai bentuk.
Topweight carrot in the hugh pot look like its growing much better compare to the one under rangoon creeper plant. But it is hard to tell until you harvest them and compare.
Purple dragon conquering pot kut. Dah ada isi?
I see parsnip there next to carrot.
Let the carrot seeds dried up a bit before you harvest them.

ummuaidan said...

Amazing...pelbagai jenis carrot u is carrot easy to grow there? how about the size of carrot produce, reasonable good? must be very good soil, sbb mine one the size of carrot about /12 or 1/3 of the normal fr market.. i guess the soil factor.and for sweet patoto, tanam just like that, you don't need trellis of somthing for them to climb on hubby said sweet potato menjalar keatas, tak tahulah..

Mama Pongkey said...

Tukang Kebun
I think I did sow Snowball turnip.. mainly because of its cute name, and because some watermelon radishes under the Rangoon creeper didn't do well. Hopefully better luck this time around. I caught a cat trying to dig up these babies though.
I did try to dig out the purple sweet potato but then I thought, let the plant enjoy life a little bit longer. I'll have a lot of cuttings after this to eat or give away.
I agree about the carrots. Funny thing is the one in the pot's development was arrested for a while because it was placed under a roof and I forgot to water it regularly. Then it was moved to the current spot where it can catch some rainwater.
The dragon carrot? Yes :-) Small one though, I posted a pic in Tanaman.
Thanks for the tip. Ok dry 'em out first. A bit tak sabr actually. Rainy season coming right up, it rains almost everyday now, at least for an hour or so.

Wanted to try plenty of varieties for fun :-) But honestly my carrots are not big so far, but the taste is great. Tukang Kebun aka Diana says they don't need much nourishment, just plenty of water. But sometimes I don't water regularly, so that could be why, also some of the carrots are in rather small pots.
This is my 2nd time planting sweet potato, both times I just stick them in the ground. Hmm I didn't know they need a trellis, but it makes sense, from the way they are spreading like mad now. Worth thinking about for the next time.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

your fingers quite greean.... :) huh, it was long time ago that I tried carrots. I am going to get seeds now!!!

suka suka said...

Alhamdulillah..menjadi carrot2 tu..yg saya tanam tak taula nasib nya

Mama Pongkey said...

Bangchik and Kakdah, thank you kindly. I have much to learn from all of you. Yes the F1 hybrid carrots were among the 1st I tried growing, about a year ago. I am still trying to make everything more dense so it will be lush, like a mini ecosystem in my garden. I saw your stevia project and got myself some little plants too.

Kak Mar, insha Allah jadi juga tu. saya dulu main tabur aje, kebetulan masa tu musim tengkujuh, maka carrot tu dapat banyak air. Rupanya carrot ni nak banyak air, kalau tak ubinya kecik je. Baja tak payah.

daydream said...

i was looking for deep pots yesterday and found a range of Baba pots. A huge one that can easily fit a human being is about RM17.50, though its light and can break easily if it falls with the weight of the soil. Lets hope it wont happen of course :)

Mama Pongkey said...

How big is the human being? :-) That sounds like a reasonable price. Is that one of the biodegradable ones?