Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Chosen Ones...

This past week has been quite hectic for me! I tend to get engrossed in one single thing almost to the exclusion to all others... so much so that I simply forgot to post this list.

My shopping day is on Tuesday, so meals are planned that way. Since this is already Wednesday, and this week we will be travelling, eating out and being with other family members in their houses, so this menu plan is for next week, September 8-14, 2009.

Chicken rice, with Home-made Garlic Chili Sauce and Tossed Salad
Jacket Potatoes and Tuna Salad with Cheese
Chicken Stew with Mushrooms
Fried Rice with Chicken and Homemade Coleslaw
Burgers with Organic Veg aplenty!

I am quite please with the above list, as I haven't had all those for quite a while!
What do you think?

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