Monday, 21 September 2009

Eid Mubarak

Happy Eid to One and All.. may your fasts and worship be accepted, may you have found Lailatul Qadr, and may Allah place you and yours under the shade of His Mercy always... amiin.

This year I didn't have my customary open house. I decided to join forces with my parents and contribute dishes to serve to family/friends/guests who might drop by on our auspicious day. I made Red Spicy Chicken and DH made Roast Lamb (I made the gravy to go with it). *Big grin* Turned out I should not have bothered with the chicken, my mum also served Lamb Rendang and Lamb Curry, so with lamb dominating the menu the chicken was quite neglected. Well, waste not, want not, so in the freezer it goes for a rainy day. :) Went to my neighbour's who made excellent Chicken Kabsah, and my cousin's who made Nasi Dagang (Steamed Rice with Coconut Milk served with Traditional Tuna Curry and Cucumber Salad).

Tonight though, is something to look forward to. The same neighbour is hosting a neighbourhood block Eid party, and everyone is invited. We are banning beef from the menu as some Hindus and Buddhists will also be attending, so it will be a barbecue with plenty of lamb and chicken. I will go out and get the lamb chops in a bit and marinade the whole day. Then over to my neighbour's to help out with the preparing for the party. Perhaps a coleslaw would not go amiss, as well as some gravy and spicy sauces. If I have time, I might also make myself a new headscarf to wear for the occasion, insha Allah.

Hope everyone had a great weekend..

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